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PPP HRC sees serious threats to Pakistan in PIA’s privatisation

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Karachi. 9.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Human Rights Cell (HRC) Central Coordinator MNA Dr Nafeesa Shah has while severely criticizing the federal government for the promulgation of a Presidential Ordinance through which the federal government has changed the status of PIA from a corporation to a limited company and for paving way forward to privatise this national strategic institution, laid some reasoning that are in absolute contrast to the plans of the federal government on PIA.

She said that the privatisation of national strategic assets especially the national flag carrier PIA is against the national interest.

While debating on the topic, she said that if the impacts of privatisation of strategic institutions done in past such as of KESC, PTCL, MCB & others, the post-privatisation performance of those institutions remained very poor and in addition to that dark aspect, the rate of unemployment had escalated while the overall situation had dissipated a strong wave of utter despondence among the employees.

She further said the arguments in strong opposition to the plans of the federal government and said that in order to ensure the authenticity of point 2 about the performance of institutions earlier sold to private parties, the audit of KE and PTCL should be kept in view only under the supervision of a parliamentary commission that should be headed by Public Accounts Committee Chairman.

Dr Shah also said that a strong wave of concern has also prevailed as this matter was not brought to the Council of Common Interest, which is mandatory after the passage of 18th constitutional amendment and other relevant clauses of constitution for which the federal government is bound to give respect to.

She said that according to past history of privatisation, there is no guarantee is worthwhile to protect the rights and employment of workers as is with the KE, PTCL and other privatised institutions.

Privatisation has secret agendas under which the theme of the privatisation is to get the ownership of PIA’s precious and expensive assets including Roosevelt Hotel in New York and Scribe Hotel in Paris, added Dr Shah.

She showed grave concern on implementing the agenda of the IMF by the incumbent PMLN’s federal government and in this regard, the PIA is a prime target, which if sold could prove a sheer devastation to the country with regard to its sovereignty. The fact is that the PIA is one of the national strategic monuments that need support for the revival of its past glory, not its sale.

She said that PIA’s privatisation would not only offer an opportunity to the buyer for looting the national flag carrier airlines of Pakistan but would also jeopardizes the country’s sovereignty as compromised national integrity would invite easy access to the terrorist organisations especially the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e Taliban, etc;

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