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Senator Taj Haider deplores promulgation of Presidential Ordinance on PIA’s privatization

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Senator Taj Haider deplores promulgation of Presidential Ordinance on PIA’s privatization


Karachi. 7.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary Senator Taj Haider has deplored the promulgation of a Presidential Ordinance on privatization of PIA.

While commenting on the Presidential Ordinance, he said it was against the prestige of the lower and upper houses of the Parliament that the Presidential Ordinance was promulgated on dictation of the IMF. The promulgation of the Presidential Ordinance is also a proof that the government and the IMF knew that the Parliament would never allow such steps in the country under pressure from outside the country and hence the Presidential Ordinance was chosen.

Senator Haider said the present federal government is creating a huge heap of loan from IMF and is even more ambitious to increase this rate.

He warned that the privatization of PIA would prove devastating against the country and the employees of the PIA. It would prove as fatal as the privatization of Karachi Electric for pennies and the production of electricity under the Karachi Electric is constantly on decline.

Senator Haider said the government should keep in mind that the present low trend of Oil prices in the international market is only because of ISIS, which is just temporary and once the Oil prices would again start rising, the situation would be out of control and would finally ruin the economy of the country.

He questioned as it would be a sheer manifest of senselessness to repeat a flopped exercise. The reduction in tax net and GDP is the basis of failure to initiate steos for the revival of national institutions like PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills and the reason for such a failure is a result of unprecedented privatization of national institutions, which greatly enhanced the unemployment rate in the country. Therefore, the revenue that used to be had dropped after privatization.

Senator Haider warned the federal government of intense protest on privatization of PIA.

He also urged upon the international institutions dealing with monetary loans to poor countries should prior to imposing conditions against loans learn about the composite and unchanging stance of the PPP on issues of privatization in Pakistan.



Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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