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Taj Haider felicitated all PPP workers for sweeping the second phase of local government elections

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Karachi. 20.11.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary (GS) Senator Taj Haider has felicitated all PPP workers for sweeping the second phase of local government elections in Sindh. A statement issued Thursday here reads.
The Senator Haider said despite threats for bloodshed given by the candidates from a pro-establishment block, postponement of elections in certain strongholds of PPP hours before the schedule of voting for the local government polling, changes made in polling stations’ venues, hooliganism and violence at polling stations during the polling process, armed occupation of polling stations by the anti-PPP elements, bogus voting in favour of candidates from anti-PPP block and many similar negative acts, the candidates from pro-establishment block could only win on a few seats and they have utterly failed in their plans for rigging and sabotaging the polls.
This has been ensured through dedication and discipline of PPP workers, who foiled all conspiracies that the anti-PPP elements had hatched to sabotage the local government elections. As a result, the second phase of local government elections has been over quite peacefully.
A delegation of PPP had called on the chief election commissioner and provincial election commissioner and had submitted written complaints with them for immediate action but to no avail, he deplored adding that the two top EC officials had also declined to make a hint at the postponement of elections in 81 union councils of Sindh.
The PPP Sindh chapter GS Senator Taj Haider said, “The victory of PPP across the province in local government elections, which are held at the grass rot level are a candid manifest of political maturity of the masses, which is now at its apex”. “Amid the presence of such apex level of political maturity, no tactic from the establishment would succeed to make any gain.”
It is also pertinent to leave advices to the pro-establishment elements that they should learn from their historic defeat and rejection from the masses and should take a fresh and positive stance for strengthening of the democratic process in Pakistan, he concluded.


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