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Senator offers a perspective on Badin local bodies’ elections

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Islamabad November 20, 2015: Senator Farhatullah Babar has said that it would be instructive to view the election results of 14 wards of the Badin Town municipal committee while keeping in mind four realities.

One, 22 polling stations in the area were changed just one night before the polling leaving voters in a quandary the next day. This happened despite the announcement made a day before that the polling stations will not be changed come hail or storm.

Two, election in more than 80 union councils in various districts, where PPP has strong showing, were suddenly postponed just a day before the polling day.

Three, the DG Rangers thought it proper to visit the Badin only during which the general secretary of the party in Badin Aziz Memon, also a candidate, was arrested. He was released a few hours later but not before his detention dramatized on the media had served the purpose of sending a stark message to the voters.

Four, the anti PPP group was singularly fortunate as the verdict of the SHC in the contempt petition filed several months ago by Zulfikaq Mirza against the IG Police and 15 other police officers just came on the eve of LB elections.

The verdict, reserved since July, rejecting the apology by Sindh IGP and 15 other police officers came two days before the LB polls. As a legal victory for Zulfikar Mirza it served as a shot in the arm for the anti PPP group.

There is no doubt that the honorable court has dispensed justice in accordance with the law. It is also the hall mark of an independent judiciary that the courts should not be obligated in any way to weigh in the consequences flowing from the timings of its verdicts.

However it cannot be denied that the anti PPP group was very fortunate as the court verdict came at the right time to bolster both Mr. Zulfikar Mirza and his group.

The lesson of Badin election is that those aided by their stars are more likely to win even if it is pyrrhic victory.


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