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CJP appearing before the Senate welcomed

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Islamabad November 3, 2015: Welcoming the appearance of the CJP before the Senate today Senator Farhatullah Babar has issued the following statement.

The CJP appearing before the Senate to give his views on speedy and inexpensive justice is the first of its kind in the history both of the Parliament and the Supreme Court.

It is a most welcome and timely initiative that is full of symbolism as well as of practical value.

In terms of symbolism it underlines a willingness to shed the superfluity, or may it be respectfully said, the vanity of the Chaudhry Court in dealing with the Parliament.

It holds the promise to arrest from further widening the imbalances in relations between the Parliament and the judiciary.

It offers an opportunity to initiate a robust conversation to dismantle those aspects of the legacy of Chaudhry court that unfortunately has done more harm than good.

In practical terms the observations of honorable CJP will act as force multiplier for the recommendations of the Senate to streamline the criminal justice system that has dogged us for too long and which has alienated the citizen from the state and its institutions.

Sometimes a seemingly small step by individuals turns out to be giant leap forward for institutions. Who knows the apparently small step today might be viewed as a giant leap forward tomorrow.

Two individuals who, it must be acknowledged unreservedly, helped take this small step today are; Justice Jamali the CJP and Mian Raza Rabbani the Chairman Senate.


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