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PPP moves NA against Indian aggression at Working Boundary

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan People’s Party asked the government to hold a debate in the National Assembly on continuous Indian aggression and breach of the Working Boundary in Shakargarh Sector.

In this regard, the PPP submitted an adjournment motion in the National Assembly Secretariat to hold a debate in the National Assembly matter of continuous breach of Pak-India working boundary in Shakargarh sector by Indian security forces.

The adjournment motion that was signed by PPP Legislators Ms Shazia Marri, Ayaz Soomro, Ms. Belum Husnain, Ghulam Mustafa Shah and Aijaz Jakhrani.

The adjournment motion said that the cross border shelling and firing from Indian forces has resulted in more than 2 deaths as well as injuries to many citizens over a period of few days.

The motion stated that this act of cowardliness and continuous offensive attitude of Indian security forces is escalating tensions between the two neighbouring countries in total disregard to the ongoing efforts of Pakistan to bring a peaceful solution to regional problems.

The adjournment motion stated that India should refrain itself from testing Pakistan’s patience and not to take Pakistan’s desire for peace as our weakness,” the adjournment motion stated. “This is a serious issue and requires immediate discussion on the floor of the house so that a concrete strategy may be devised to sojourn India from continuous breach of our sovereign borders,” the motion stated.

Source: The News International


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