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Zardari reiterates support to Kashmiris on Black Day

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Islamabad October 26, 2015: Reiterating support to the Kashmiris on the Black Day on October 27 former President Asif Ali Zardari has urged the UN to help resolve this issue.

The Pakistan People’s Party is committed to respecting the fundamental rights of the people and finding a just, honorable and peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of its people, he said in a message on the eve of Black Day falling on October 27.

Each year Kashmiris observe this day as Black Day to condemn the invasion of their territory in violation of the partition plan and to renew their pledge to continue their peaceful struggle for their right to self-determination.

The Pakistan People’s Party reiterates that the right to self determination is a fundamental right enshrined in the UN Charter and cannot be wished away by manipulation, deceit or brute suppression, he said.

On this occasion the PPP wishes to also pay tributes to the brave people of Kashmir for their resolve and heroic sacrifices for the realization of their aspirations.

The Pakistan People’s Party would continue to seeking a peaceful and honorable resolution of the dispute through a combination of dialogue, confidence building measures, enhancement of trade and greater people to people contacts while associating the Kashmiris ‘the final arbiters of their destiny’ with the dialogue process, he said.

We also urge the UN which celebrated its 70th anniversary only three days ago to help resolve this oldest dispute on its agenda since 1947, he said.

“While we commend the UN for bringing freedom to millions and dismantling apartheid and colonialism across countries and continents during the past seventy years we are also baffled at the inability of the world body to resolve this issue”.


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