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Aseefa Bhutto Zardari visited the families of 03 martyrs of Karsaz bomb blast of 18 October 2007

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KARACHI, October 21: Aseefa Bhutto Zardari visited the families of three martyrs of Karsaz bomb blasts of October 18, 2007 at their respective houses in Karachi to personally meet their loved ones and reassure them that PPP, its leadership and workers will never forget them.

 “Families of martyrs have high regards in PPP as we are ourselves are also members of the family of martyrs,” she told the members of martyrs’ families and inquired about their day to day life, including education of the martyrs children and other problems.

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari today drove to the residences of Shaheed Tahir Narejo in Gizri, Shaheed Ayaz in Manzoor Colony and Shaheed Mohammad Rafi in Mehmoodabad.

 Families of martyrs received the daughter of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto affectionately and appreciated her for remembering them. She spent some time with each family and told them that the martyrs sacrificed their lives for democracy, rights of common people and they will live forever in our hearts.



Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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