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Asif Zardari concerned over reports of harassing of ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz in name of accountability

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Says political victimization or re-engineering in the name of accountability is worst form of corruption

Islamabad October 19, 2015: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed grave concern over the reports of harassment of a female Senator Sitara Ayaz by the Ehtesab commission of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and called for “dispelling the growing perception that accountability is being used to victimize opponents and for political re-engineering”.

The PPP has no tolerance for corruption and calls for across the board accountability of all he said in a statement today and added, “But any attempt to settle political scores or re-write the social and political landscape in the name of accountability is a worse form of corruption”.

“During the PPP government there neither were political prisoners nor witch hunting nor political victimization of any kind”, the former President said and added; “accountability must not only be above board but also be seen as such”.

Zardari said this responding to news reports that Senator Sitara Ayaz is being chased and hounded by the Ehtesab Commission of KPK where the rival party PTI is in power.

The former President recalled that some weeks ago the Ehtesab Commission also targeted former PPP Provincial Minister Liaquat Shabbab. The arrest and torture of Shabbab hailing from the Nowshera constituency of the chief minister Pervez Khattak raised serious questions about the motives behind his accountability.

A former provincial minister Ziaullah Afridi arrested for alleged corruption caused sensation when appearing in the provincial Assembly on a production order laid bare ‘proofs of corruption and smuggling’ by some members of the cabinet. No investigations were however made into the serious allegations, let alone taking action against anyone, he said.

Instances abound that give rise to the perception that the Ehtesab Commission is being used as a political tool by its political masters to achieve some political objectives.

He said that it was strange for the Ehtesab Commission to get into overdrive against Senator Sitara Ayaz at a time when the credibility of the Commission itself had been undermined by the disclosure that it has been arresting people even before it was duly constituted. Ziaullah Afridi was also arrested and sent to jail even before the Commission was duly notified.

Propriety, morality and legality demands that the Commission should have first clarified its own bonafides and legality before targeting opposition law makers, he said.

The accountability body of KPK and its political masters must be held accountable for arresting opponents for the past several months even before its establishment was notified.


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