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Broadcast of old clips, a sheer maligning tactic: Dr Nafisa Shah

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Broadcast of old clips, a sheer maligning tactic: Dr Nafisa Shah

Karachi. 17.10.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Deputy General Secretary Dr Nafisa Shah has termed the reports that appeared in two private TV channels regarding her as malicious, fake and with mala fide intentions. These reports claimed that she is having meetings with party workers in DRO’s office every evening and thereby influencing the local elections in Khairpur district in Sindh.

She said, “The report is not only fraudulent, it is intended to malign my reputation. I demand that the concerned channels retract the statement and apologise, as this report has defamed me.”

She said the reporters have lifted a 2012 photograph from facebook status of party workers and presented it as reportage. It is pitiful to see total lack of editorial control and above all ethics in reporting.

She said the day the report was issued, she was in Karachi.

Dr Shah further said she has not had any meetings with the District Commissioner or DRO concerned nor have I visited his office after the announcement of the schedule.” She added.

“It is evident that our cowardly opponents not having courage to confront us in the elections are now using some unscrupulous channels to spread disinformation, she deplored.

Dr Shah has called upon PEMRA and Media Watch groups to take notice of this malicious and fraudulent report and issue notices to the channels concerned.

She further demanded the Election Commission might also take notice of this as it is intended to malign her and her father, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah ahead of local elections.


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