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Friday, October 09, 2015 – Karachi—Pakistan People’s Party Karachi division President Syed Najmi Alam and General Secretary Nadeem Bhutto said a pack of rejected elements has once again started conspiring against people of Sindh and soil of Sindh. This pack of conspirators includes Dr Zulfiquar Mirza, Liaquat Ali Jatoi, Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim and others, which is looking for a backdoor entry in powers corridors and hence they are now preparing to malign the PPP and play a planned scheme to impede the on time conduction of local government polls in Sindh.

However, they would not succeed in their plots and the PPP would under all circumstances ensure on time local governmentelections so that the powers may be devolved to the people at the grass root level for the immediate resolution of their problems.

Ina statement issued from the PPP Media cell Sindh, they said that PPP always took measures for speedy conduction oflocal government polls in Sindh but the efforts were always smashed by different stakeholders, who moved court on the so-called issue of delimitations and now this pack of conspirators has announced to move election commission, which PPPfears that the smooth conduction of local government polls might once again be delayed.

They asked this pack of conspirators to go to the people’s court instead of creating hurdles in the smooth and on time conduction of the local government polls and when they would go to the people, they would then realize what people think of them and how they would treat them.


Source: Pakistan Observer


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