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PPP candidate belongs to an ideology, struggle and commitment

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KARACHI, October 9 : Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has said that PPP has proved itself to be the only political party with largest middle-class and lower class base in the country by fielding a middle-class and well-educated candidate Barrister Amir Hassan in NA-122 by-elections against the billionaires of PML-N and PTI. “Opponents have opened the flood-gates of their coffers and challenging the political acumen of people of Lahore,” he stated adding that PPP candidate belongs to an ideology, struggle and commitment which makes him tall among the novo rich candidates.
In a press statement issued here, PPP Chairman said that the way both the opponent candidates and their parties are throwing mud at each other makes it easy for the voters of Lahore to choose arrow to cast their vote as per their aspiration.
He said brazen violations of ECP Code of Conduct by opponent candidates of the PPP and silence of ECP machinery show that the Commission was heading to a complete loss of credibility as an institution, which people should look to in confidence. It is matter of trust by people, which ECP is ignoring by not punishing those who are spending multiple times than the limits fixed for an election campaign.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that Nawaz governments has opened up the exchequers of Federal and Punjab governments while PTI seems to merry-spending funds donated for charity purposes by kind-hearted people.
He appealed the people of Lahore and Okara to vote for PPP candidates on by-elections at both NA-122 and NA-144 and prove that Bhuttoism always sparked hope among the downtrodden and democratic people of Pakistan.


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