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There is hardly an institution that could be held free from flaws across the board.

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Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPA’s Doctor Sohrab Khan Sarki, Doctor Abdul Sattar Rajper and Doctor Bahadur Ali Daheri said what the Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani had stated in his speech at a function of the Federal Urdu University should be pondered upon as his point of view simply revolved around measure being initiated in recent days regarding curbing of the menace of corruption. There is hardly an institution that could be held free from flaws across the board.
They said what Rabbani identified in his speech is that the national institutions that have actively launched a crackdown on officials and government machinery with an aim to eliminate the corruption and take the guilty to task, have also been acting beyond their constitutional limits.
They said the Chairman Senate has also identified the lacunas in the prevailing system of anti-corruption and the corruption or misuse of powers on the side of national institutions should also be placed under stern process of accountability as there are numerous instances present in which those involved in corruption, minting money through corruption and exceeding their constitutional limits are now playing the judiciary.
They said the PPP is always in favour of the process of purifying the system of accountability but would always oppose the extra-judicial and supra-constitutional actions or else the ongoing process would leave deep scars behind and would demand for a rectifying onward process in future. It would be a bad practice to carry the accountability process against all but making the accountability institutions above the accountability.

Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

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