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PPP MNAs expressed deep concern over terrorists attacks at In Liuzhou, Guangxi in South of China

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PPP MNAs expressed deep concern over terrorists attacks  at In Liuzhou, Guangxi in South of China. 


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNA’s Nouman Islam Shaikh, Ali Gohar Khan Maher and Nazeer Ahmed Bughio have expressed grave concern on several casualties and loss of property, hospitals, markets and shopping centres in deadliest blasts that rocked the entire in Liuzhou, Guangxi in South of China. These 15 blasts at a time is a clear indication that the radical Islamist and Jihadi gangs have deep penetrated in China’s land, which in return would wholly jeopardize the peace in the entire region and hence it is imperative that this spread opf terrorism should be stopped with joint efforts in which Pakistan, USA, China, Afghanistan and Russia should come on one page.

At present, only Pak Army is at war with the terrorists, which is not for Pakistan only but is meant to make the entire region safe or else the situation would lead to worst economic crisis in the region, which would have its impacts beyond imagination.
Pakistan is fighting against the terrorism since past many decades alone and the world has not extended the required cooperation, which has resulted in these deadliest blasts in China, Pakistan’s most reliable and time-trusted friend. Of course the state of Pakistan is with China at this crucial moment and in all hot or cold seasons for which the PPP is no exemption.
They said though the Pak Army is chasing the terrorist gangs everywhere in Pakistan but the soil of the neighbour country, Afghanistan is, however, widely used against Pakistan and the Badaber terror incident was the most recent example of the insurgency into Pakistan from Afghanistan.
They said the fight against terror is a multi-dimensional warfare, which Pakistan could not alone win for the world and hence the world has to add its due share to this battle for the long lasting peace and stability in the region.
On the other hand, the terror-facilitating pockets within the country that are free to operate as political parties under the disguise of political names should be thoroughly screened and banned or else the menace of terror would never be eliminated.
They said action should also be initiated against those political parties that had in past and in recent days formed political alliances with the terror-promoting gangs that are now working under the disguise of political parties and few of them have recently produced rallies of the party activists in favour of security forces. It looks as if the term of ‘Good Taliban’ and ‘Bad Taliban’ is still working, which should now be ended, too.

Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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