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KE selling electricity through Kunda system in slums of city: PPP

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Karachi. 20.5.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division General Secretary Syed Najmi Alam, Deputy General Secretary Abid Satti and Deputy Information Secretary Syed Manzoor Abbas while severely criticizing the Karachi Electric’s ongoing ‘Operation Burq’ against defaulters said it seemed as if the Karachi Electric had established its own state within the state of Pakistan. The Karachi Electric rather it should apologise the esteemed consumers of electricity for overcharging in form of highly inflated electricity bills, pressing public serving utilities such as Karachi Water and Sewerage Board and still causing 16 hour long blackouts in whole of the city, the Karachi Electric had always been holding the people of Karachi at fault and as defaulters.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh Wednesday, the PPP Karachi Division leaders said the Karachi Electric by eliminating the entire cottage industry from the periphery of the city caused the poverty and joblessness o soar to sky. Further, the Karachi Electric had a big share in ongoing acute water crisis in the city as it had purposely shed the load on water pumping stations, which deprived the people of Karachi of water.
They said the Karachi Electric had deliberately backed from its commitments it had made to the people of Karachi for revolutionizing the electricity generation and distribution system through huge investment and sadly all those tall claims proved to the sand mounds and air castles.
They said it was hilarious to note that Karachi Electric was running a campaign for eradication of electricity theft but on the other hand, it was directly behind use of electricity through Kunda system in Karachi’s hundreds of slums. The Karachi Electric not only backed from investing in power generation and distribution system but also sold replaced copper electric lines with aluminum lines, which caused the company to earn millions in addition.
They said the street lights on city’s streets had been dead for longer time while the highly depreciated electric poles were a direct threat to people’s lives because the company ignored necessary repair and maintenance on poles.
They said the Karachi Electric should first ensure regular power supply system in city’s slums and then launch a campaign then the people of the city would support the Karachi Electric.
They said those, who sold Karachi Electric to private owners had punished the country and the people.


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