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PPP calls all for democracy



Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Tuesday submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly urging all political parties to get united for the protection of democratic system in the country.

Moved by MPA Faiza Malik, the resolution expresses grave concern over the prevalent political situation in the country and aims to counter any unconstitutional or undemocratic step.

The resolution calls upon all pro-democracy forces to play their due role in saving the system, and foil any ‘conspiracy’ against it.

Source : Pakistan Today


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Only parliament only can remove PM, says Dr Sikandar Mandhro Sindh Minister

In the wake of 18th constitutional amendment, only the parliament has the power to remove Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by following a legal and constitutional way.

Sindh Minster for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Sikander Mendhro told reporters after holding an open public gathering to redress the grievances of Thatta district at Gymkhana Makli in Thatta Monday. To a question, he said the powers to remove prime minister rested with the president before the 18th amendment but now no one could remove the premier by unconstitutional means.

He said the parliament was best option for the resolution of reservations. Dr Mandhro expressed regret and surprised on PTI chairman Imran Khan’s decision to start civil disobedience movement for the fulfilment of his demands. It could be his emotional decision, he added. He said the announcement of civil disobedience would create the negative impact in the provinces.

The minister wondered that Khan’s party had settled provincial government in Khayber Pakhtunkhwa and if the people of KPK would not pay their taxes due to civil disobedience then how the provincial government would function.

He stressed on all political parties to take efforts for the strengthening of democracy in the country and to avoid from the politics of marches.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri would resolve their reservations in a constitutional manner through parliament and the election commission of Pakistan, he added. The minister said the PPP had always supported democracy and its leaders and workers rendered sacrifices for the restoration and continuity of the democratic process in the country.

Source : Pakistan Today

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Efforts are underway to make contact for talks: Khurshid Shah


ISLAMABAD- Leader of Opposition Khurshid Shah has said the committee comprising members from ten political parties is continuing efforts to establish contacts with Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan and Awami Tehreek Chief Tahirul Qadri.

Talking to journalists in Islamabad today, he said the committee will proceed for talks as soon as invited by the leaders of the two protesting parties. He appealed to the PTI and Awami Tehreek to refrain from any such step which could damage the unity of the country.

He said all the political parties stand together for the protection of the constitution, democracy and the parliamentary system. About PTI’s announcement of entering into the red zone, the Opposition Leader said the government had granted permission for the sit-ins in Islamabad on the guarantee of the opposition. Imran Khan had also given guarantee in writing of not crossing the red line and it will be regrettable if their supporters breached the agreement. He said the opposition parties want to safe the country from the politics of confrontation and amicable resolution of current situation.

Source : Daily Nation

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Washington Post : Pakistan lawmakers meet amid mass protests


ISLAMABAD — Pakistani lawmakers met Wednesday as tens of thousands of protesters thronged outside the assembly calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over alleged voting fraud.

Sharif and other lawmakers were able to enter the building through a back exit connected to the heavily guarded premier’s office after the protesters late Tuesday had torn down barricades and entered the so-called Red Zone housing Parliament and other key government buildings.

The twin protests led by the famous cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and the cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri have virtually shut down Islamabad, raising fears of unrest in the nuclear-armed U.S. ally with a history of military coups and dictatorship.

Despite the mounting pressure, Sharif has refused to step down, while the country’s powerful army has called for a negotiated settlement.

“Situation requires patience, wisdom and sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve prevailing impasse,” army spokesman Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said on Twitter. He said the government buildings in the so-called Red Zone were a “symbol of state” protected by the army.

Pakistan TV showed Sharif entering the National Assembly, or lower house of parliament, and meeting with lawmakers from all the major parties except Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the legislature’s third largest bloc.

Lawmakers from several parties condemned the protesters’ attempt to besiege Parliament.

“We will foil this conspiracy, and we will defend our democratic institutions,” said Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party and a Sharif ally.

Shazia Marri, a lawmaker from the opposition Pakistan People’s Party, condemned the move to surround Parliament, saying: “We will strive to safeguard democracy. We will strive for the supremacy of the constitution.”

Outside the Parliament, Qadri directed his supporters to occupy all the main gates of the building and not to allow Sharif or any other deputies to leave until the prime minister resigns.

“We deliberately gave these lawmakers a chance to enter the Parliament, but now we will not allow any lawmaker to go inside or come out,” he said.

Khan had warned Tuesday that his supporters would enter the premier’s office if Sharif does not step down by the following evening, but on Wednesday his party appeared to back down, urging supporters not to enter government buildings and indicating it would take part in talks to resolve the crisis.

“We are ready for the talks. We will present our six demands when we hold any such talks,” senior party official Shah Mahmood Qureshi told a Pakistani news channel. Khan, however, has repeatedly said he will only hold talks with the government after Sharif’s resignation.

The Supreme Court, acting on a petition, summoned Khan and Qadri over the sit-ins, ordering them to appear before a judge either in person or through their attorneys, according to Pakistan TV.

The protesters accuse Sharif of rigging the May 2013 election that brought him to office in the country’s first ever democratic transfer of power.

Sharif was forced from office after a previous stint as prime minister in 1999, when the then-army chief Pervez Musharraf seized power in a coup.

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A peaceful and celebratory atmosphere prevailed outside the Parliament on Wednesday, with protesters dancing to the beat of drums, singing patriotic songs and chanting against Sharif.

“Yesterday, people were saying we will never be able to reach the Parliament. Look, we are standing right in front of the Parliament,” said Rabia Naeem, 22. “Imran Khan is the only hope to save Pakistan from corrupt rulers,” she said.

Asad Hafeez, a 45-year-old Qadri supporter, said reforms were needed before any new elections.

“We need electoral reforms and a neutral government to hold free and fair elections. It will only happen when Nawaz Sharif resigns,” he said.

The U.S. embassy in Islamabad said its consular section would remain closed Wednesday, and advised American citizens to keep a low profile and avoid large gatherings.

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Source : Washington Post

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Parliament best forum to discuss masses issues: PPP MNA Shazia Marri


ISLAMABAD: Member National Assembly of Pakistan People’s Party Shazia Marri on Wednesday said that parliament is the best forum to discuss masses issues.

Talking to media outside the Parliament House, she said, solution of people’s problems was not possible on roads, protests and by holding demonstrations.

The MNA said that the demands of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) were unconstitutional.

She asked the government to accept only constitutional demands. She said it was beautify of the democracy that is way these political parties are holding protests.

She said in the democracy every one has freedom of speech, movement and writing.

Shahzia said Pakistan Peoples Party is playing role to find out solution of issue between PTI and PAT. She deplored comments of PTI chief Imran Khan about opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah.

She said the democracy had been restored after sacrifices of political leadership and workers. She said it was the responsibility of nation and parliamentarians to safeguard the parliament and constitution.

Source : Business Recorder

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Anti-democratic elements not to be tolerated: PPP MNA Shazia Marri


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Leader Shazia Marri said on Wednesday that anti-democratic elements would not be tolerated.

Speaking in the National Assembly here she said that the emnants of dictatorship want to derail democracy.

Criticizing KPK CM Parvez Khattak, the PPP leader said that instead of helping the poor people of the province, he participated in the protest.

“Remnants of dictators will not be tolerated now”, she added.


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Senator Raza Rabbani vows to stand guard for protecting democracy

Senator Raza Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: Senior politician Senator Raza Rabbni on Tuesday vowed to stand guard against any moved to derail democracy and wrapping up the system.

Speaking on a motion moved to discuss political situation in the country, Raza Rabbani said, the present situation is alarming and posed serious challenges for the Parliament and democracy. He said the government should have taken the situation seriously despite that we had repeatedly requested it to engage the protesting parties in dialogue.

“The situation which has emerged today could have been diluted through the parliament and the elected representatives.” He said it does not suit the PTI leadership to show no confidence in the Parliament and term it as a fake parliament.

He said combined opposition in the Senate stands united for supremacy of the constitution and the parliament.

“We, the Senators want to send a clear message that if anybody involves in adventurism against democracy and the parliament, all political forces will stand against that move.”

He said the Senate has a tradition that it always played a pivotal role against any kind of dictatorship.

“I want to say loud and clear that if democratic process is derailed the Senate will once again become Stalingrad.”

Source : APP & Business Recorder


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